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stock_photo__46__by_model_salvaje-d787zmi and exposes the MANY model scams and cons that exist and we are not ashamed to Name and Shame the worse of them!


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Many of the biggest scams send people for an 'Assessment Day Photoshoot' at a photographic studio or in a hotel with the promise of 'placing' girls with agencies or being signed to an agency. The sole aim of these cons is to sell very expensive and completely unnecessary portfolios and pictures with one tactic being the threat of deleting all images if not purchased on the day.


In 2016, a new law was introduced in the UK making it illegal to charge a 'signing-on' or 'administation' fee to join an agency. The scam companies have got around the new law by selling unnecessary over-priced portfolios and photographs instead. Sadly therefore, in the majority of cases, these companies aren't doing anything illegal - but hard selling and conning people in to buying portfolios and pictures that are not needed.




"Acting and model agencies comprised 19% of all complaints to the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, according to its latest annual report."


Source 2017:



"Once the ‘free’ sessions had finished she was told big names such as M&S and McDonalds were interested in grand-daughter, but they would have to pay up £600 to buy the photographs for a portfolio that was necessary to join the agency. Months later they have never received any work and X-ray has discovered that the big brands the family were told were interested have never even heard of the ‘so-called’ agent!


Source 2016: BBC 'X ray' Consumer affairs programme Series 16, Episode 8